about us

A good friend of mine asked me one day to help him bring his 41' Moody from Antalya Turkey to Gibraltar.  Those five weeks break from my day job in marketing was an offer I just could not refuse. My boss the CEO of a mid sized hi tech company did not like this idea at all, but after some arm twisting and negotiations he agreed to give me a 5 week leave of absence. At the last moment my friend got sick and could not join the trip, I called my brother who joined us on a moment notice to a very pleasant mid-summer trip through the Mediterranean.
Returning to the daily routine was not an easy task, what made it even more difficult was that my brother called me not too long after (on a moment notice) to join him for a delivery job from France to Antigua. The dot com bubble burst right after this delivery was over and I found myself without a steady job. There was no shortage in the delivery business and very quickly my brother and I found ourselves doing one delivery after another enjoying it much more than our previous desk work.
The next step of starting our own delivery company was just a natural step and we never looked back.
There are many people and many companies which offer delivery services, however, good skippers and quality service are few and far between. Our objective is to make our boat owners happy. We put our many years of experience to work for you the client. Nothing is more important to us than delivering the boat you entrusted us with to her destination safe, fast, and clean.

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